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My name is Josh Valjan. I went to school for graphic design and business administration. I have been designing websites for a few years. If you have a fitness, wellness, art, photography or even an e-commerce business, I can design a website for you.



I am a freelance web designer. Every business needs a website. Let me help you help your business grow. I want to make sure that your website really represents your brand. And will do my best to achieve that.

I charge $600 for web design services for initial setup of your website. I also use a sliding scale. Send me what you have and depending on how much work the site needs, I'll give you a quote. The website builder that I use, they charge monthly or annually to keep the website live. Price varies depending on if its a simple website or if you need to accept payments.  Monthly: $17-$28. Annually: $156-$276. (These are for the basic and business basic plans) Which ever plan you need, the first month charge will be added to your invoice. Example $617. Ownership of the site will be transferred to you. You can modify the site and update payment method later. At this time, I cannot do updates on a day to day basis. But you will have full access to the site to make any future changes you wish.

If you have photos I can use already, great! I do have access to stock photos I can use as well. I will need all text that you would like on the website. I will take care of the design and layout. We can discuss payment over the phone. I accept transfers with Zelle and Cash App. Once payment is received, I will start working on your website. I can get the website finished and published in about 3 weeks. Feel free to text me first or email. And then we can schedule a time to talk on the phone. Since this is web services, you do not have to live locally, we can communicate through email, phone, and social media. I hope to work with you soon.



"Josh is excellent at what he does! I couldn't be happier with my website he created and all the support he gave me with my business startup!"

- AnnMarie

"Josh helped me with my site redesign! He knows what he is doing. He's a professional web designer and I'm very happy with his work."

- Sam



Please send me an email by submitting this form. Tell me a little bit about yourself, your business, if what I offer suites your needs, then we'll move forward. After payment is received, I'll start working on your website. My turnaround time is about three weeks. I will email you a receipt that your invoice has been paid.

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